Łężczok Nature Reserve is situated in the valley of Odra River, west of the village Babice, behind the rails of line Kedzierzyn - Racibórz. It was created in 1957 to protect the multi-species riparian forest and post-Cistercian fish ponds. Covers an area of 408 hectares and is one of the largest in Poland. There are more than 210 species of birds, of which 121 are nesting.
Within the Reserve, there are five well-preserved forest communities:

  • Hail subcontinental
  • Riparian oak-elm
  • Brook Alder riparian
  • Ols currant
  • Sour oak

The big attraction of this Reserve are ponds occurring on its territory, and one of the most valuable natural values are old alleys nagroblowe caused at least two hundred decades ago.

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